Desktop Sharing with Android

For many users of Android phones and tablets it has been a desire to be able to connect freely with a PC. There have been products developed, but most of them do not present a total solution to what the majority of Users desire and need. Some applications offer full desktop control in addition to file sharing capabilities. Often these applications tend to be slow and “buggy,” attributed to the either the software or the bandwidth available to network connection. They are overdeveloped and are actually offering more than what most Users will need. Besides, who, with the exception of an IT professional, would really want to look at their desktop from a tiny screen? After all, the trend with desktops and laptops has been to migrate to larger and larger screens. It would seem counter-intuitive to attempt to control your PC with its’ huge monitor by comparison, from an Android tablet with a 7 or 10 inch screen or even worse, with an Android phone sporting something of the order of a 4.3 inch screen or smaller.

There are some desktop share applications which offer sharing services only between a PC and Android. They can be stable but virtually all of them, like their desktop control counterparts,  go through a “cloud” service, a server maintained by the software application’s creators. That means at some point they are going to start to charge a monthly or yearly fee. They have to, in order to maintain their cloud servers.  This usually means a limited amount of free space with fees dependent upon how much more capacity you may actually need. It also means that at any given time, a third party has the ability to monitor files the User shares between Android and a PC.  Not exactly a comforting thought.

DroidLinx, the creators of FilLinx Standard and Professional Editions, has taken a different approach. FileLinx creates a direct connection between your Android and PC. No Cloud servers are involved. The User’s PC in effect, becomes a server for the Android device. In this manner, FileLinx is able to share files between Android and PC, with no regard for file size or file type.  As an added bonus, FileLinx can remote print directly by sending the desired files to the PC to be printed by the default printer. This print function is superior to most cloud print services as most file types are supported and is immediate. There is no delay.

FileLinx connects to a PC in two ways; through the local Wi-Fi home network and 3G or 4G. By supporting both methods of communication, FileLinx is able to connect with a PC from any location, anywhere in the world, so long as the Android has an internet connection.  This is accomplished by downloading a small PC software program from the DroidLinx website. The software is free and can be downloaded to multiple PC’s.  The setup process will involve determining your IP addresses both inside and outside your home network, but don’t worry, DroidLinx provides the User with an “IP Checker” button built into the FileLinx PC software that will check your WAN and LAN IP addresses. To get access from outside your home network will also require a port to be mapped from your router to your PC. Again DroidLinx has you covered, if you are not familiar with the process. DroidLinx provides a link to a wonderful site called  The creators of this site offer a free download that makes mapping a port in your router a snap.

Finally, DroidLinx offers full customer support and a written guarantee: if they cannot get your FileLinx set up properly, DroidLinx will cancel the order and refund your money. Not very many software companies make that claim, and Android Market only gives the purchaser 15 minutes to decide whether they wish to confirm or cancel a purchase. DroidLinx not only stands behind its’ products, we put it in writing.

Both FileLinx editions support host names instead of IP addresses in their settings. This means the end for those who worry about their IP addresses changing while their away from their computer. Free services provided by such sites as allow the subscriber to point a host name to their WAN IP address. If this IP should ever change, points your host name to the new IP automatically and for free. The end result for the User is no change in the host name, therefore, no change in the login to your PC using FileLinx.

FileLinx Standard Edition’s major functions are: Allowing the sharing of files between an Android device and a shared folder located on the PC. It also supports direct remote printing to the PC’s default printer.  Additional details are:

  • Fetch or Send Any File between your Android and PC: Photos,  Movies, Music, E-books, Documents,  and more!
  • No File Size Limit!
  • Connect to your PC from anywhere.
  • No cables or Bluetooth. Connect using any available WiFi or 3G/4G service!
  • No “Cloud Servers” to monitor your activities.
  • No Extra Fees. Buy FileLinx once and you’re done!
  • Password protected. Safe and secure.
  • Host Name Support. Never worry about your IP changing.
  • DIRECTLY PRINT – from Android to your PC-connected printer…no matter where you are!
  • FileLinx captures and prints Clipboard Text saved from Android’s internet browser! Save , Print, or transfer text messages, e-mails, or web pages!


FileLinx Professional does everything that FileLinx Standard Edition does plus more, much, much more. FileLinx “Pro” allows the sharing of files between an Android device and any folder located on the PC’s hard drive. Simply put, FileLinx Professional allows the User complete access to the PC’s hard drive. A User can send a file from Android to any folder on their PC’s hard drive as well as “fetch” any file from any folder on their PC and save it to their Android’s SD card.

FileLinx Professional also allows the User to save the communications settings of up to ten (10) PC’s. With the touch of a button the User can switch access from one PC to another from any location, anywhere in the world. FileLinx Professional also supports direct remote printing to any of the ten (10) PC’s default printers.

FileLinx Standard or Professional Editions charge no extra fees. Not for printing, not for customer service. The User makes a purchase once for the application on the Android Market. The PC software is freely available at Full customer support is provided and comes with a money back guarantee. If the User cannot set up FileLinx on their PC, FileLinx Customer Support will… or your money back.

FileLinx Standard Edition is available on the Android Market.

FileLinx Professional is available on the Android Market.


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